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Identification of future offshore renewable energy project locations in Scottish waters

The Scottish Government has a target to reach net zero by 2045 and this will bring large scale investment in renewable energy technologies. Offshore renewable energy will play a significant part in this and can also provide economic benefit from exporting technologies developed locally.

Many opportunities exist within Scottish waters to exploit Scotland’s natural ocean energy resources. Options include offshore wind (fixed and floating), tidal and wave energy. A variety of end users are also identified for the electricity generated from these resources including utility scale electricity, hydrogen production or local use. A combination of site characteristics and end user requirements will determine the most appropriate technology and feasible option of how best to use the resources in any particular area.

Wave Energy Scotland, a funding agency established in 2014 by the Scottish Government, is at the forefront of wave energy development, having supported multiple technologies and sub-systems through the multiple stage funding programmes. Projects have ranged from the deployment of two large-scale wave energy converter technologies for extended at-sea testing to supporting technologies which can enable the future development of new wave energy concepts.

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Application deadline: 17:00 Friday 05 August 2022