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SAGES Funding

The majority of SAGES Core budget of £1.36M (50% from SFC, 50% from member institutions) is channeled to SAGES members via a number of funding schemes. For open calls, please apply online as indicated below.

Researcher support funds:
Covid 19 Postgraduate Support Scheme
Fora [responsive and directed]
Small Grants
International Collaboration Scheme
International Conference management support
Large Proposal Preparation Scheme
Small Grants
Theme support
Training Scheme Support
Travel Impact Awards
International Exchange Scheme (Scotland/Germany)
(Pools Engagement in
European Research) (Early Career Researcher Exchanges;
Europe, North America, China and India)

Graduate School support
– Co-funding for 9 new PhD studentships
– Training events
– Networking events
– Mentoring (for early-career researchers)

SAGES Funding opportunities