COVID 19 Post Graduate Support Scheme (PoGSS)

SAGES announces the COVID 19 Post Graduate Support Scheme is open for applications from July 2020 until January 2021.


The current Covid-19 pandemic is impacting us all. Significantly for postgraduate PhD researchers the virus has had the effect of reducing, and/or delaying thesis progress.

SAGES offers this opportunity for limited funding to members of the SAGES Graduate School. Funding can be requested for a unique piece of work that will contribute to the PhD project, but was not originally funded as part of the project.
The rationale behind this is to facilitate a meaningful, focused piece of work which contributes to the original project, but for which full funding is not currently available from the host institution.

Application criteria:

Funding will be considered for:

  • Short placements with a non-academic body or institution
  • Purchase of additional laboratory analysis or measurements
  • Investment in small items of equipment
  • Stipend contribution for the students. This must be 50% co-funded by the host institution.
  • Application Guidance notes:

    International travel and conference attendance is not eligible.
    Maximum of £2,000 per application.
    One application per student.
    Proposals must be discussed with the student and can only submitted by their Director of Studies.
    Enquiries can be directed to John Howe, Graduate School Convener

    Application Form:

    Please complete the application form, you will not be able to submit the form unless all fields and all required supporting documents are attached.

    Application to the SAGES COVID 19 Post Graduate Support Scheme

    Applicants should complete each section of the application as fully as possible. This is an open call with no deadline. 1 application per student.
    • Include postcode
    • Include STD code
      Please select all SAGES themes you are a member of
      Please select the type of funding you are applying for
    • Maximum £2000
    • Please provide a paragraph with details
    • Upload letter or confirmation email of co-funding contribution
    • Please provide a paragraph with details
    • Please upload any additional documents that may support your application