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Research interests:

Research focuses on the development and implementation of Context-Aware Movement Analysis (CAMA) to further understand behavior from movement data. More specifically, in combining movement data with environmental and socio-economic variables to understand how different factors can influence human mobility and wildlife behavior. This knowledge is critical for planning equalitarian sustainable transportation systems, as well as designing biodiversity conservation plans.

Career history:

2019 – PDRA University of St Andrews
2014 – PhD University of St Andrews
2011-2014: MSc Degree in Remote Sensing – INPE
200: DSc Degree in Geography – UNESP

Active research projects:

Uncovering the Mechanisms of Migratory Bird Navigation with Big Data Analytics

Recent publications:

BRUM-BASTOS, V.S; RIBERIO, B.M.G; PINHO, C.M.D; KORTING, T.S; FONSECA, L.M.G. improvement evaluation on ceramic roof extraction using worldview -2 imagery and geographic data mining approach. ISPRS – International Archive of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, v XLI-B7, p 883-889, 2016. (Conference paper).