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Research interests:

I am currently a PhD student at the University of St Andrews and the James Hutton Institute. I am focusing on the interaction between red deer and hikers in the Scottish uplands.
During my PhD, I use camera traps to disentangle the different factors that impact the temporal and spatial distribution of red deer in a multi-used landscape (i.e. hiking, free-range farming, hunting). I am myself a hiker, I like studying the impacts of recreational outdoor activities on wildlife and how we can monitor these impacts.

Career history:

I did my master degree at the University of Montpellier where I gained interessed in the study of ecosystems and the interaction between species. My master dissertation was focusing on the impact of multiple stressors on honey bees.

Active research projects:

Interaction between red deer and hikers in the Scottish uplands

Recent publications:

Paper "A systematic review of methods for studying the impacts of outdoor recreation on terrestrial wildlife"