Research interests:

Rates of geological processes.
Noble gas geochemistry.
Developing techniques for dating geological processes.
Using lasers to extract minute samples in situ, and in particular use of UV laser extraction technique.

Career history:

Aug 2017 – Head of School of Geosciences, University of Edinburgh

Active research projects:

Dating tectonic movements, uplift and erosion of ancient mountain belts
Dating large meteorite impacts on Earth
Dating the eruption of ancient giant volcanic provinces such as the Deccan in India and young volcanoes around the world
Dating overgrowths on minerals to date the timing of oil migration
Dating detrital minerals to investigate the tectonics of source areas and development of sand and mud bodies in sedimentary basins.

Recent publications:

An overview of noble gas (He, Ne, Ar, Xe) contents and isotope signals in terrestrial diamond
Jones, A. P., Verchovsky, A. B., Kelley, S. P. & Stuart, F. M. 2013 In : Earth-Science Reviews. 126, p. 235-249 15 p.
Eruption chronology of the Columbia River Basalt Group: Special Paper of the Geological Society of America
Barry, T. L., Kelley, S. P., Reidel, S. P., Camp, V. E., Self, S., Jarboe, N. A. & Renne, P. R. 2013 Geological Society of America. 22 p.
Helium in earth’s early core
Bouhifd, M. A., Jephcoat, A. P., Heber, V. S. & Kelley, S. P. 2013 In : Nature Geoscience. 6, 11, p. 982-986 5 p.