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Research interests:

Igneous petrogenesis and mantle geochemistry.

U-series geochronology and U geochemistry.

Environmental geochemistry.

Sr-isotope applications in stratigraphy and sedimentology.

Isotopic applications in archaeology.

Career history:

Present: Director of SUERC (Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre)

Active research projects:

MEDGATE – Reconstructing Mediterranean-Atlantic exchange during the Miocene. (FP7-PEOPLE-2011-ITN, MC-ITN Initial Training Network 290201). 2012- 2015.

A Clumped Isotope Mass Spectrometer for the Δ47 carbonate palaeothermometer. (NERC Strategic Environmental Capital Call). 2013.

A plasma source positive-ion mass spectrometer for next generation radiocarbon (14C) and beyond. (NERC Strategic Environmental Capital Call). 2014.

Recent publications:

Natali, C., Beccaluva, L., Bianchini, G. G., Ellam, R. M., Savo, A., Siena, F., and Stuart, F. M. (2016) High-MgO lavas associated to CFB as indicators of plume-related thermochemical effects: the case of ultra-titaniferous picrite-basalt from the Northern Ethiopian-Yemeni Plateau. Gondwana Research, (Accepted for Publication)

Hole, M.J., Ellam, R.M., MacDonald, D.I.M., and Kelley, S.P. (2016) Gondwana break-up related magmatism in the Falkland Islands. Journal of the Geological Society, 173(1), pp. 108-126. (doi:10.1144/jgs2015-027)

Ugidos, J. M., Barba, P., Valladares, M. I., Suarez, M., and Ellam, R. M. (2016) The Ediacaran-Cambrian transition in the Cantabrian Zone 1 (North Spain): sub-Cambrian weathering, K-metasomatism and provenance of detrital series. Journal of the Geological Society, (doi:10.1144/jgs2016-004) (Accepted for Publication)

Clemenzi, L., Storti, F., Balsamo, F., Molli, G., Ellam, R., Muchez, P., and Swennen, R. (2015) Fluid pressure cycles, variations in permeability, and weakening mechanisms along low-angle normal faults: the Tellaro detachment, Italy. Geological Society of America Bulletin, 127(11-12), pp. 1689-1710. (doi:10.1130/B31203.1)

Taylforth, J. E., McCay, G. A., Ellam, R., Raffi, I., Kroon, D., and Robertson, A. H.F. (2014) Middle Miocene (Langhian) sapropel formation in the easternmost Mediterranean deep-water basin: evidence from northern Cyprus. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 57, pp. 521-536. (doi:10.1016/j.marpetgeo.2014.04.015)