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Research interests:

Benthic habitat modelling
Marine robotics
Seabed mapping
Impacts of marine industry
Fisheries and aquaculture
Oil and gas
Passive Acoustic monitoring

Career history:

BSc (Hons) Environmental Conservation (Industrial) at University of Leeds
MSc Ecosystem-based management of Marine Systems at University of St Andrews

Marine wildlife guide at Sealife Adventures within the Firth of Lorn Special Area of Conservation
Assistant field Environmental scientist at Gardline Environmental – industrial work placement year during BSc
Environmental report writer at Gardline Environmental – Summer internship

Active research projects:

Test and evaluate the use of AUV technologies to survey and monitor benthic habitats in Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)

This project aims to test the suitability of AUVs to monitor MPAs on the west coast of Scotland and to develop viable strategies for their use. In addition, the project will explore novel technologies and models to develop a ‘toolbox’ of AUV-based approaches that can be applied to a wide range of vulnerable benthic habitats. The project will develop novel algorithmic approaches to combine new very high resolution AUV acoustic bathymetric data with existing models to generate predictive habitat maps at unprecedented spatial resolutions for a range of MPA habitats. The ultimate goal is to develop generic approaches which can be applied in other dynamic inshore coastal environments. The aim will be to develop approaches which are readily reproducible and defensible. In addition, a large number of commercial and applied projects have an interest in mapping habitats on the seabed. These projects range from renewables, fibre-optic cables to fish farm location and modelling.

Recent publications: