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Research interests:

Glaciology, Climatology, Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Ecology.

Career history:


PhD Geosciences (Glaciology) – School of Geosciences, University of Edinburgh
Thesis: Reconstructing the glacial history of marine basins in West Antarctica. Supervisors: R. Bingham, A. Hein. Anticipated completion date: 03/2022.

MSc (R) Geography (Glaciology) – Bristol Glaciology Centre, University of Bristol
Thesis: The use of GRACE to assess the influence of El Niño-Southern Oscillation on the Antarctic Ice Sheet. Supervisor: R. J. Bingham. Anticipated completion date: 09/2019.

BSc (First Hons) Environmental Science and Sustainability – University of Glasgow
Thesis: Towards a better understanding of surging glaciers. Supervisor: L. Parry. Completed: 06/2016.

Academic history:

World Glacier Monitoring Service (University of Zurich) – Internship
Supervisors: M. Zemp, I. Gartner-Roër , S. Nussbaumer (University of Zurich)
Project: The effects of climate change on three Alpine glaciers over a period of 140 years using GIS software. Completed: 04/2015.

The University of Glasgow – Research Technician
Supervisor: G. M. Davies (Ohio State University). Projects:
– The impact of forestry activities on two raised peatbogs in Scotland (2013-2014).
– The effect of livestock removal on vegetation composition and diversity (2013-2015).

Active research projects:

Reconstructing the marine history of marine basins:

Assessing the impact of ENSO events on the Antarctic Ice Sheet:

Recent publications:

Davies G.M. and Bodart J. (2015). Changes in vegetation diversity and composition following live-stock removal along an upland elevational gradient. iForest, 8, 582-589. [doi: 10.3832/ifor1557-008].