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Institution: SAMS / UHI
Department / group: Scottish Association for Marine Science
Institution URL:
Google Scholar URL: N/A

Research interests:

Nutrient cycling in terrestrial and marine systems, global change biology, stable isotope analysis, Arctic Ocean

Career history:

2012 BSc in Biology at the University of Innsbruck, Austria
2016 MSc in Environmental Sciences at the University of Vienna, Austria
2017 – now PhD at SAMS

Active research projects:

Biogeochemistry in the Arctic Ocean/title: Nitrogen uptake and phytoplankton productivity in the changing Arctic Ocean.

I am investigating the supply, uptake and cycling of inorganic and organic nitrogen compounds in the seasonal ice zone of the Barents Sea under different ice cover and at different seasons: from pre-bloom winter, over spring bloom conditions into the post-bloom summer.

Recent publications:

Judith Braun, Maria Mooshammer, Wolfgang Wanek, Judith Prommer, Tom W.N. Walker, Tobias Rütting, Andreas Richter (2018) Full 15N tracer accounting to revisit major assumptions of 15N isotope pool dilution approaches for gross nitrogen mineralization,
Soil Biology and Biochemistry, Volume 117,Pages 16-26, ISSN 0038-0717,

Judith Prommer, Tom W. N. Walker, Wolfgang Wanek, Judith Braun, David Zezula, Yuntao Hu, Florian Hofhansl, Andreas Richter (2020) Increased microbial growth, biomass, and turnover drive soil organic carbon accumulation at higher plant diversity, Global Change Biology, 26, 1354-1013,

Henley Sian F., Porter Marie, Hobbs Laura, Braun Judith, Guillaume-Castel Robin, Venables Emily J., Dumont Estelle and Cottier Finlo (2020) Nitrate supply and uptake in the Atlantic Arctic sea ice zone: seasonal cycle, mechanisms and drivers, Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A.37820190361