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Department / group: Physics
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Research interests:

Ocean Circulation
Climate Change
Marine Technology
Numerical Modelling

Career history:

First Class BSc Marine Science with Hons from SAMS/UHI.

Ellet line DY052 research cruise – Oxygen sampling – PI Dr Stefan Gary

OSNAP East AR30-04 research cruise – CTD console and data management – PI Professor Bill Johns

Active research projects:

Where AUV’s Dare: Svalbard’s Subglacial Discharge Plumes

On a backdrop of climate change and global sea level rise, subglacial discharge plumes are at the hear of a complex circulation regime in high latitude fjords which could be driving ablation rates. Turbulent plumes of meltwater drive entrainment at depth along the glacial front, leading to overturning which brings warm oceanic waters in contact with glacial ice. It is not currently understood just how these warm waters of Atlantic orgin are interacting with the vertical ice face and, until recently, methods for sampling within 10s of metres of the glacial face were unavailable. With novel AUV technology it is now possible to get high resolution oceanographic data to support modelling attempts. This PhD will focus on obtaining observations to characterise the heat transport and circulation dynamics of the fjordic system and support an existing Regional Ocean Modelling System (ROMS) developed by the Norwgian Polar Institute in Tromsø.

Recent publications:

Howe, J.A., Husum, K., Inall, M.E., Coogan, J., Luckman, A., Arosio, R.A., Abernethy, C. & Verchili, D.
Autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) observations of recent tide water glacier retreat, western
Svalbard. (Submitted).
Marine Geology. 00-00