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Department / group: School of Geographical and Earth Sciences / Carbon Landscapes Research Group
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Research interests:

Her PhD focuses on the role that rivers play in the carbon cycle, exploring whether they are a source or sink of CO2, what controls this, and how the carbon dynamics of rivers will respond to the changing temperatures and precipitation patterns caused by climate change.

Carbon cycling is the movement of carbon between the many things in our world including the atmosphere, oceans, soils, plants and animals, which occurs naturally and continually.

‘However human activity and climate change are shifting the natural balance of the carbon cycle and previously stored carbon is entering the atmosphere as greenhouse gasses.

‘It is crucial we understand the carbon cycle so that we can predict how it will respond to climate change. My research explores whether current carbon sinks will remain sinks, or if they will shift to carbon sources and exacerbate the problem.

Career history:

Present: Final Year PhD, Biogeosciences, School of Geographical & Earth Sciences, University of Glasgow

Active research projects:

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Recent publications:

Long, H., Vihermaa, L., Waldron, S., Hoey, T., Quemin, S. and Newton, J., 2015. Hydraulics are a first‐order control on CO2 efflux from fluvial systems. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences, 120(10), pp.1912-1922.