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Research interests:

Computational Fluid Dynamics
Wind Modelling
Geo technical Engineering
Microbiological Modelling

Career history:

2012-2016: BEng Mechanical Engineering – University of Dundee
2016-: MbR Environmental Sciences – Abertay University
2016-: Wind Engineer (advisory) – Maximum Wind Ltd

Active research projects:

This research involves the numerical modelling of complex biogeochemical processes that have applications within geotechnical engineering. The novelty and uniqueness of this project is discovering the accurate behaviour of water in soils porous media during Microbial Induced Calcite Precipitation. This will result in the development of new and original computational codes for the combined understanding of the composition, structure and other physical aspects of the upper surface of the Earth. This software is not currently available and will be of immense value to a wide range of industrial sectors ranging from offshore oil and gas to onshore construction for use in rapid cost-effective and environmentally-friendly critical decision-making.

Recent publications:

Presented at ECM5