Research interests:

Environmental geochemistry
Geochemical surveying
Geochemistry and health
Medical geology
Urban geochemistry

Career history:


Active research projects:

Task Leader, Geochemical Baseline Survey of the Environment (G-BASE) for Great Britain
Task Leader, Clyde Urban Super Project (CUSP) Geochemistry Projects – chemical quality of soil and water in the River Clyde catchment
HBM4EU EU Human Biomonitoring Initiative – linked third party project partner
UKGEO – UK GeoEnergy Observations project
Daphne Jackson Trust Fellow (Dr Solveigh Lass-Evans) Clyde Basin Stream Sediment Quality Project
PhD Student (Andrew Broadway), Edinburgh University. Bioaccessibility of Cr, As and Pb in Glasgow Soils
PhD Student (Gavin Sim), Edinburgh University. CHROMATICS – Chromium speciation, transport and fate in Clyde catchment soils, sediments and waters: understanding Cr mobility in urban-industrial environments
PhD Student (Sarah Donoghue), Edinburgh University. PRELUDE: PREdictive modelling of Lead concentrations Using g-base Datasets for urban Environments.

Recent publications:

Johnson, C.C.; Flight, D.M.A.; Ander, E.L.; Lister, T.R.; Breward, N.; Fordyce, F.M.; Nice, S.E. and Knights, K.V. 2017. Chapter 4. The collection of drainage samples for environmental analyses from active stream channels. In: De Vivo, Benedetto; Belkin, Harvey E; Lima, Annamaria, (eds.) Environmental geochemistry: site characterization, data analysis and case histories. 2nd Edition. Oxford, UK, Elsevier, 47-78.

Wylie CE, Shaw DJ, Fordyce FM, Lilly, A, Pirie, RS and McGorum BC. 2016. Equine grass sickness in Scotland: A case-control study of environmental geochemical risk factors. Equine Veterinary Journal, 48(6), 779–785. DOI: 10.1111/evj.12490.

Plant J A, Bone J, Voulvoulis N, Kinniburgh D G, Smedley P L, Fordyce F M, and Klinck, B. 2014. Chapter 11.2: Arsenic and Selenium. In: Sherwood Lollar, B. (editor) Environmental Geochemistry. Holland H D and Turekian K K. (exec editors) Treatise on Geochemistry Second Edition. Volume 11. Elsevier, Oxford. 13 – 57.

Morrison S, Fordyce F M and Scott E M. 2014. An initial assessment of spatial relationships between respiratory cases, soil metal content, air quality and deprivation indicators in Glasgow, Scotland, UK: relevance to the environmental justice agenda. Environmental Geochemistry and Health, Volume 36, Issue 2, 319-332. DOI 10.1007/s10653-013-9565-4

Fordyce F M, Lass-Evans S and Ó Dochartaigh, B É. 2013. A Case Study to Identify Urban Diffuse Pollution in the Light Burn Catchment, Glasgow, UK. Stage 3 contribution to: Wade, R et al. (2013) A Critical Review of Urban Diffuse Pollution Control: Methodologies to Identify Sources, Pathways and Mitigation Measures with Multiple Benefits. CRW2012/1.Centre of Expertise for Waters (CREW), James Hutton Institute, Aberdeen.