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Department / group: Institute for Biomedical & Environmental Health Research
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Personal URL: N/A
Google Scholar URL: N/A

Research interests:

(1) water treatment engineering;
(2) remediation technology of POPs in aquatic environments;
(3) migration, transformation and ecological effects of pollutants in aquatic environments

Career history:

2017-2018: Academic Visitor, School of Science & Sport, University of the West of Scotland
2016-present: Assistant Professor, Hunan Provincial Key Laboratory of Shale Gas Resource Exploitation, Hunan University of Science & Technology
2009-2016: Assistant Professor, School of Science & Technology, Hunan University of Science & Technology
2009-2011: Deputy Head of Department of Municipal Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, Hunan University of Science & Technology
2008-2009: Lecturer, School of Civil Engineering, Hunan University of Science & Technology

Active research projects:

1. Title: The Effects and Mechanism of Antimony Removal onto Fe(Ⅲ)-Modified Antimony-Resistant Bacillus.Sp From Sb Mine Drainage; National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Key Participant, 2017-2020, Amount: 600,000 RMB;
2. Title: Study on the mechanism of antimony ore wastewater treatment using 3D-graphene oxide/sodium alginate double-network composite gel beads; National Natural Science Foundation of China, Key Participant, 2017-2020, Amount: 210,000 RMB.

Recent publications:

[1] Baolin Hou, Bozhi Ren, Renjian Deng, Guocheng Zhu, Zhenghua Wang and Zhi Li. Three-dimensional electro-Fenton oxidation of N-heterocyclic compounds with a novel catalytic particle electrode: high activity, wide pH range and catalytic mechanism, RSC Advances, 2017, 7, 15455-15462
[2] Guocheng Zhu, Chuang Wang, Xianbin Liu, Xingwei Dong, Peng Zhang, Jun Yin, Bozhi Ren, Zhenghua Wang. Preparation and characterization of polymeric phosphate-aluminum sulphate for source water treatment, Water Science and Technology: Water Supply, 2016, 16 (4) 1138-1148
[3] Ren, Bozhi, Chen, Yangbo, Zhu, Guocheng, Wang, Zhenghua, Zheng Xie. Spatial Variability and Distribution of the Metals in Surface Runoff in a Nonferrous Metal Mine, JOURNAL OF ANALYTICAL METHODS IN CHEMISTRY, 2016, DOI: 10.1155/2016/4515673
[4] Zhenghua Wang, Bozhi Ren, Pu Wang. Decolorization of Mordant Red 15 Dye in Water by Potassium Ferrate(VI), Advanced Materials Research Vols. 838-841 (2014) pp 2445-2448
[5] Zhenghua Wang, Xuming Yang, Bozhi Ren. Photodegradation of Chlorobenzenes in Micellar Aqueous Solutions of Gemini Surfactants, Applied Mechanics and Materials Vols. 409-410 (2013) pp 125-128