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Research interests:

Developing new techniques and new applications for radiocarbon dating .
Marine sediments and marine reservoir effects .
High latitude palaeoenvironments.
Low temperature combustion for 14C dating.

Career history:

2000-Present, NERC Radiocarbon Facility, SUERC, University of Glasgow. Scientific support /Radiocarbon scientist.
2004-Present, Secretary to NERC Radiocarbon Facility (NRCF) Steering Committee
2004-2008, Secretary to Cosmogenic Isotope Analysis Facility (CIAF) Steering Committee
2009-Present, Course tutor on the annual Short course on Radiocarbon, Department of Continuing Education, University of Oxford.

1999-2000 – PDRA, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cardiff. Undergraduate tutor and post-doctoral research investigating laminated marine sediment sequence for ODP leg 178, Palmer Deep, western Antarctic Peninsula.

2000. PhD, British Antarctic Survey and Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education. “Quaternary Tephrochronology of the Scotia Sea and Bellingshausen Sea, Antarctica”.

Active research projects:

BRITICE-CHRONO: Constraining rates and style of marine influenced ice sheet decay.

Reducing the uncertainty in estimates of the sea level contribution from the westernmost part of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet.

Greenland in a warmer climate: What controls the advance & retreat of the NE Greenland Ice Stream.

Transient tracer-based Investigation of Circulation and Thermal Ocean Change (TICTOC).

Recent publications:

Arosio, R., Crocket, K. C., Nowell, G. M., Louise Callard, S., Howe, J. A., Benetti, S., Fabel, D., Moreton, S. and Clark, C. D. (In press). "Weathering fluxes and sediment provenance on the SW Scottish shelf during the last deglaciation." Marine Geology.

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