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Institution: SAMS / UHI
Department / group: Environmental Research Institute
Personal URL: N/A
Google Scholar URL: N/A

Research interests:

My main research area is peatland hydrochemistry, in particular the effects of restoration.
I am currently working on a project investigating ecohydrological recovery following rewetting of a deep drained raised bog in Quebec, with Laval University.
My PhD research was entitled "The effects of bog restoration in formerly afforested peatlands on water quality and aquatic carbon fluxes”. This research investigated the effects of conifer harvesting and drain blocking on pore water, stream and river water chemistry, along with measuring fluxes of aquatic carbon.

Career history:

2017 – present Hydrochemist PDRA – Environmental Research Institute, , University of the Highlands and Islands

2012 – 2017 PhD student, Environmental Research Institute, University of the Highlands and Islands

2011 – 2012 MSc student, Applied Marine Science, Plymouth University

2010 – 2011 Graduate Researcher, Shetland Islands Council

Active research projects:

2017-2019 Ecohydrological change following re-wetting of a deep-drained raised bog, Université Laval, QC, Canada.

Recent publications:

Gaffney, P.P.J., Hancock, M.H., Taggart, M.A., Andersen, R. (2018). Measuring restoration progress using pore- and surface-water chemistry across a chronosequence of formerly afforested blanket bogs. Journal of Environmental Management, 219, 239-251

Ratcliffe, J.L., Creevy, A., Andersen, R., Zarov, E., Gaffney, P.P.J., Taggart, M., Mazei, Y., Tsyganov, A.N., Rowson, J.G., Lapshina, E.D., Payne, R.J. (2017). Ecological and environmental transition across the forested-to-open bog ecotone in a west Siberian peatland. Science of the Total Environment, 607-608, 816-828

Commin, A.N., Davidson, W.H., Largey, N., Gaffney, P.P.J., Braidwood, D.W., Gibb, S.W., McClatchey, J. (2017). Spatial smoothing of onshore wind: Implications for strategic development in Scotland, Energy Policy, 109, 36-48