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Research interests:

-Environmental change and land-use impact upon the development and functioning of peatlands.

-Peatland carbon storage, accumulation and cycling.

-Spatial modelling of peatland properties and associated ecosystem services.

-Blanket peatland management and restoration.

Career history:

In 2011 I was awarded a PhD from the University of Exeter, my thesis considered the sustainable carbon management of moorlands and achieved two primary aims 1) to quantify and map the spatial distribution of soil organic carbon (SOC) storage in blanket peatlands; and 2) to assess how long-term land management and peatland degradation impacts upon peatland carbon sequestration.

Following my PhD, I took up a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) position at the University of Leeds. This role involved developing and adapting geophysical techniques to create catchment scale surveys of the peatland environment with a moorland restoration company.

Following the successful completion of this project, I moved onto a research fellowship position at the University of Leeds, where I was involved in multiple moorland restoration and management research projects.

Present: Lectureship in Environmental Science and Sustainability, at the University of Glasgow Dumfries campus.

Active research projects:

Not available

Recent publications:

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