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Research interests:

Space Weathering
Atom Probe Tomography
Solar Wind

Career history:

Research Associate, University of Glasgow (present)

Active research projects:

Space weathering of lunar and asteroidal materials
Chronology of presolar grains
Atom probe tomography of cosmochemical materials
Classification and characterization of recent meteorite falls

Recent publications:

Greer, J., Rout, S. S., Isheim, D., Seidman, D. N., Wieler, R., & Heck, P. R. (2020). Atom probe tomography of space‐weathered lunar ilmenite grain surfaces. Meteoritics & Planetary Science, 55(2), 426-440.

Greer, J., Caro, G., Cates, N. L., Tropper, P., Bleeker, W., Kelly, N. M., & Mojzsis, S. J. (2020). Widespread poly-metamorphosed Archean granitoid gneisses and supracrustal enclaves of the southern Inukjuak Domain, Québec (Canada). Lithos, 364, 105520.

Heck, P. R., Greer, J., Kööp, L., Trappitsch, R., Gyngard, F., Busemann, H., … & Wieler, R. (2020). Lifetimes of interstellar dust from cosmic ray exposure ages of presolar silicon carbide. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 117(4), 1884-1889.