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Research interests:

My research and teaching interests comfortably encompass organic, inorganic and radionuclide geochemistry, focusing on using carbon isotopes, inorganic isotopes and radioisotopes as biogeochemical tracers in the environment.

Using organic, inorganic and radionuclide species as tracers of environmental processes: primarily carbon isotopes (13C and 14C), stable Pb isotopes, 210Pb and manmade radionuclides such as radiocaesium and isotopes of Pu to investigate accumulation, mixing and re-distribution processes in terrestrial, freshwater and marine environments.

Understanding the behaviour of pollutants in the environment: Organic (primarily hydrocarbons and PAHs) and Potentially Toxic Elements such as Pb and Sb and their associations in urban and rural areas.

Remediation of environmental contaminants: including natural attenuation, phytoremediation and biosorption.

Organic biogeochemistry: developing compound-specific carbon isotope analysis of biomarkers for reconstructing environmental change in terrestrial, freshwater and marine environments.

Environmental analytical chemistry: understanding the persistence, transformation and fate of storage chemicals such as CIPC in commercial potato stores

Career history:

Present: Lecturer in Biogeochemical Tracers, Environmental Chemistry, SUERC

Active research projects:

Understanding the persistence, transformation and fate of CIPC in commercial potato stores to help guard against cross-contamination. With G Cook and H Duncan (University of Glasgow). AHDB – Potato Council, 2014-2018.

Long-lived Radionuclides in the Surface Environment – Mechanistic Studies of Speciation, Environmental Transport and Transfer. With G Cook (PI) and S Xu (Co-I).NERC, 2013-2017.

Development of CIPC best practice recommendations for low-temperature box stores. With H Duncan (University of Glasgow) and A Briddon (Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research). AHDB – Potato Council, 2012-2015

Removal of heavy metal and radiotoxic ions from aqueous solutions by biosorption. With A Kausar (University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan). Higher Education Commission Pakistan, 2013.

Recent publications:

Buss, W., Graham, M.C., MacKinnon, G. and Mašek, O., 2016. Strategies for producing biochars with minimum PAH contamination. Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, 119, pp.24-30.

Tierney, K.M., Muir, G.K., Cook, G.T., MacKinnon, G., Howe, J.A., Heymans, J.J. and Xu, S., 2016. Accumulation of Sellafield-derived radiocarbon (14 C) in Irish Sea and West of Scotland intertidal shells and sediments. Journal of environmental radioactivity, 151, pp.321-327.

Macgregor, K., MacKinnon, G., Farmer, J.G. and Graham, M.C., 2015. Mobility of antimony, arsenic and lead at a former antimony mine, Glendinning, Scotland. Science of The Total Environment, 529, pp.213-222.

Vincent-Akpu, I.F., Tyler, A.N., Wilson, C. and Mackinnon, G., 2015. Assessment of physico-chemical properties and metal contents of water and sediments of Bodo Creek, Niger Delta, Nigeria. Toxicological & Environmental Chemistry, 97(2), pp.135-144.

Kausar, A., Bhatti, H.N. and MacKinnon, G., 2015. Re-use of agricultural wastes for the removal and recovery of Zr (IV) from aqueous solutions. Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers.