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Institution: SAMS / UHI
Department / group: Environmental Research Institute
Personal URL: N/A
Google Scholar URL: N/A

Research interests:

A restoration ecologist interested in understanding how climate change will impact on species (particularly plants) and how this might be best mitigated, allowing for ecosystem functionality and provision of services into the future

Career history:

2018 – present – Post-Doctoral Research Assistant. ERI/UHI. Research on habitats for a rare bee species, lecturing, associations with mostly ‘Carbon, Water, and Climate’ theme at ERI, though also with ‘Environmental Contamination and Ecological Health’ theme
2017 – 2018 – Research technician. ERI/UHI. Laboratory analyses of soils and sediments
2013 – 2017 – PhD researcher at ERI/UHI. ‘Remediation and Restoration of Ocean Exposed Cliff-top, in the Context of Dounreay (Scotland) Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning’.
2007 – 2013 – Herbarium assistant. Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

Active research projects:

Vegetation research > Habitat information and surveys for the Great Yellow Bumblebee (Bombus distinguendus Morawitz) in North Sutherland, Scotland. Assessing habitat suitability for a declining species of rare bumblebee
Peatland research > modelling how blanket bogs may respond to different management approaches in future climate change scenarios. This is part of Dr Roxane Andersen’s Leverhulme Trust Leadership Award.

Recent publications:

Braidwood, David, W., Taggart, Mark, A., Smith, Melanie, Andersen, Roxane (2018). Translocations, conservation, and climate change: use of restoration sites as protorefuges and protorefugia. Restoration Ecology, 26(1):20-28.

Commin, Andrew, N., Davidson, Magnus, W.H., Largey, N., Gaffney, Paul, P.J., Braidwood, David, W., Gibb, Stuart, W., McClatchey, John (2017). Spatial smoothing of onshore wind: Implications for strategic development in Scotland. Energy Policy 109: 36-48.

Braidwood, David, W., Morales, V., Gardner, Martin, F. (2014). Werdermann’s ‘Plantae Chilenses’ at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Edinburgh Journal of Botany 71(3):385-406.

Braidwood, David, W., Ellis, Chris (2012). Bioclimatic equilibrium for lichen distributions on disjunct continental landmasses. Botany 90(12):1316-1325