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Department / group: Sociology/Criminology
Personal URL: N/A
Google Scholar URL: N/A

Research interests:

Access to water
Climate change
Community relationships with the environment
Human rights
Sustainable Development Goals
Violence against women
Ethnographic research

Career history:

Since gaining PhD in 2017:

Lecturer in Criminology, Abertay University, October 2017-Present

Active research projects:

Eco grief and climate change: Communities and Changing Water Practices in Malawi.

Recent publications:

Rogers, A. (2019) ‘But the law won’t help us’: Challenges of Mobilising Law 348 to Address Violence Against Women in Bolivia. Violence Against Women (Accepted/In press/Forthcoming)

Blackwood, D. J., Akunna, J. C., Gilmour, D. J., Rogers, A. & O’Keeffe, J. (2019) Hydro Nation International: enhancement report for expansion of the “Integrated Water Resource Management – Southern Malawi” project (Accepted/In press) Scottish Government. 71 p.

Rigby, P., Fotopolous, M., Rogers, A. and Manta, A. (2018) Responding to Unaccompanied Minors in Scotland: Policy and Local Authority Perspectives, Carnegie Trust Report, University of Stirling.

Rogers, A. (2017) ‘Law and Violence in Bolivia: A Socio-Legal Ethnography’ in Fletcher, S. and White, H. (Ed) Emerging Voices. EG Press [Book Chapter]

Malloch, M., Munro, W. and Rogers, A. (2017) Justice, Civic Engagement and the Public Sphere: Mapping Democratic Transformations in Scottish Society, British Academy/Leverhulme Funded Project, University of Stirling. Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research.