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Research interests:

My research interests are linked by the theme of transitional waters and associated environmental quality;

-Sediment fingerprinting (provenance) studies using organic tracers. Particularly carbon sinks and stores in coastal and estuarine environments,

-Use of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging to study oil binding in sediments,

-Changes to EU legislation regarding the aquatic environment,

-Interactions of natural scientists and lawyers in the formulation of environmental regulations (specifically diffuse pollution),

-Natural resource management, environmental protection and environmental crime.

Career history:

2012 – University of Dundee Senate

2011 – University of Dundee Court

2006 – Reader, Head of Geography, University of Dundee

2004 – Reader, Geography Department, University of Dundee

2003-2004 Senior Lecturer, Geography Department, University of Dundee

1992-2003 Lecturer, Geography Department, University of Dundee

1991-1992 Temporary Lecturer, Geography Department, University of Dundee

1988-91 Postdoctoral Research Assistant

1984-88 PhD awarded July 1988, University of Liverpool, Oceanography Laboratories, Department of Earth Sciences. Title: The distribution and behaviour of lignin in the estuarine environment.

Active research projects:

Not available

Recent publications:

Rouillard, J.J., Ball, T., Heal, K.V. and Reeves, A.D., 2015. Policy implementation of catchment-scale flood risk management: Learning from Scotland and England. Environmental Science & Policy, 50, pp.155-165.

Rouillard, J.J., Reeves, A.D., Heal, K.V. and Ball, T., 2014. The role of public participation in encouraging changes in rural land use to reduce flood risk. Land Use Policy, 38, pp.637-645.

Rouillard, J.J., Heal, K.V., Ball, T. and Reeves, A.D., 2013. Policy integration for adaptive water governance: Learning from Scotland’s experience. Environmental Science & Policy, 33, pp.378-387.

Rouillard, J.J., Heal, K.V., Reeves, A.D. and Ball, T., 2012. Impact of institutions on flood policy learning. Water Policy, 14(2), pp.232-249.

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