Department / group: Institute of Biological and Environmental Sciences
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Research interests:

Statistics, Bioinformatics, GWAS, Genomics, Modelling

Career history:

Not available.

Active research projects:

2015- 2018 The genomic landscape of adaptive radiation in the Jaera albifrons species complex . NERC.

Professor Stu Piertney (UoA) and Dr Alex Douglas (UoA).

2015- 2017 Gut health and immune function: the emerging role of gut microbiota in sustainable aquaculture. BBSRC-NERC.

Professor Sam Martin (UoA), Dr Alex Douglas (UoA), Dr Petra Lewis (UoA), Dr Daniel Merrifield (University of Plymouth), Dr Rachel Lawrence (Royal Veterinary College), Professor Douglas Tocher (University of Stirling), Professor Simon Davies(University of Plymouth).

2015- 2016 The health black box in PCOD. Understanding the onset of health impacts caused by disturbances. ONR.

Dr David Lusseau (UoA), Dr Alex Douglas (UoA), Professor John Speakman (UoA and Chinese Academy of Sciences), Dr Dorian Houser (National Marine Mammal Foundation, USA), Dr Patricia Fair (USDOC/NOAA/NOS/NCCOS, USA), Mark Styczynski (Georgia Institute of Technolofy, USA).

2015- 2018 Explaining niche separation in tropical forests: feedbacks between root-fungal symbioses and soil phosphorus partitioning . NERC.

Professor David Burslem (UoA), Professor David Johnson (UoA), Dr Andy Taylor (UoA), Dr Alex Douglas (UoA).

2013- 2016 Genome-wide association mapping and landscape scale modelling of heritable ionomic diversity in Arabidopsis thaliana populations. BBSRC.

Professor David Salt (UoA), Dr Alex Douglas (UoA), Professor Pete Smith (UoA)

2013- 2016 The human fetal liver: development and response to maternal drug use. MRC.

Professor P. Fowler (UoA), Dr Alex Douglas (UoA), Dr David Hay (University of Edinburgh), Professor John Iredale (University of Edinburgh), Professor P.O’shaughnessy (University of Glasgow).

Recent publications:

Wenzel, MA., Douglas, A., James, MC., Redpath, SM. & Piertney, SB. (2016). ‘The role of parasite-driven selection in shaping landscape genomic structure in red grouse (Lagopus lagopus scotica)’. Molecular Ecology, vol 25, no. 1, pp. 324-341.

Dimkpa, SON., Lahari, Z., Shrestha, R., Douglas, A., Gheysen, G. & Price, AH. (2016). ‘A genome-wide association study of a global rice panel reveals resistance in Oryza sativa to root-knot nematodes’. Journal of Experimental Botany, vol 67, no. 4, pp. 1191-1200.

Derous, D., Mitchell, SE., Green, CL., Chen, L., Han, J-DJ, Wang, Y., Promislow, DEL., Lusseau, D., Speakman, JR. & Douglas, A. (2016). ‘The effects of graded levels of calorie restriction: VI. Impact of short-term graded calorie restriction on transcriptomic responses of the hypothalamic hunger and circadian signaling pathways’. Aging, vol 8, no. 2, pp. 1-22.

Król, E., Douglas, A., Tocher, DR., Crampton, VO., Speakman, JR., Secombes, CJ. & Martin, SAM. (2016). ‘Differential responses of the gut transcriptome to plant protein diets in farmed Atlantic salmon’. BMC Genomics, vol 17, 156.

Lorgen, M., Casadei, E., Król, E., Douglas, A., Birnie, MJ., Ebbesson, LOE., Nilsen, TO., Jordan, WC., Jørgensen, EH., Dardente, H., Hazlerigg, DG. & Martin, SAM. (2015). ‘Functional divergence of type 2 deiodinase paralogs in the atlantic salmon’. Current Biology, vol 25, no. 7, pp. 936-941.