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Department / group: Geomagnetism
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Personal URL: N/A
Google Scholar URL: N/A

Research interests:

Geomagnetic hazard to technology
Space weather
Geomagnetic processes and sources in the Earth system (core to space)

Career history:

PhD (1985, Edinburgh) – Four-quark mesons in lattice Quantum Chromodynamics
Marconi Research Centre (1985-1987) – Radar antenna design
Racal Defence Radar and Displays (1987-1991) – Radar antenna and system design
British Geological Survey (1991-1997) – Higher scientific officer, Geomagnetism
British Geological Survey (1997-2012) – Senior scientific officer, Geomagnetism
British Geological Survey (2012-) – Principal scientific officer, Geomagnetism
British Geological Survey (2008-) – Head of Geomagnetism

Active research projects:

Space Weather Impact on Ground-based Systems (SWIGS) NERC Highlight topic award NE/P017231/1 (2017-2021) (Consortium PI)
ESA Swarm Consortium ‘Data and Innovation Science Cluster’ (2014-2019) (BGS PI)

Recent publications:

Mac Manus, Daniel H.; Rodger, Craig J.; Dalzell, Michael; Thomson, Alan; Clilverd, Mark A.; Petersen, Tanja; Wolf, Moritz M.; Thomson, Neil R.; Divett, Tim. 2017 Long-term geomagnetically induced current observations in New Zealand: Earth return corrections and geomagnetic field driver. Space Weather, 15 (8). 1020-1038. 10.1002/2017SW001635

Oughton, Edward J.; Skelton, Andrew; Horne, Richard B.; Thomson, Alan W.P.; Gaunt, Charles T.. 2017 Quantifying the daily economic impact of extreme space weather due to failure in electricity transmission infrastructure. Space Weather, 15 (1). 65-83. 10.1002/2016SW001491

Kelly, G.S.; Viljanen, A.; Beggan, C.D.; Thomson, A.W.P.. 2017 Understanding GIC in the UK and French high-voltage transmission systems during severe magnetic storms. Space Weather, 15 (1). 99-114. 10.1002/2016SW001469

Rodger, Craig J.; Mac Manus, Daniel H.; Dalzell, Michael; Thomson, Alan W.P.; Clarke, Ellen; Petersen, Tanja; Clilverd, Mark A.; Divett, Tim. 2017. Long term geomagnetically induced current observations from New Zealand: peak current estimates for extreme geomagnetic storms. Space Weather. 10.1002/2017SW001691

Pulkkinen, A.; Bernabeu, E.; Thomson, A.; Viljanen, A.; Pirjola, R.; Boteler, D.; Eichner, J.; Cilliers, P.J.; Welling, D.; Savani, N.P.; Weigel, R.S.; Love, J.J.; Balch, C.; Ngwira, C.M.; Crowley, G.; Schultz, A.; Kataoka, R.; Anderson, B.; Fugate, D.; Simpson, J.J.; MacAlester, M.. 2017 Geomagnetically induced currents: science, engineering, and applications readiness. Space Weather, 15 (7). 828-856. 10.1002/2016SW001501