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Research interests:

I started my Ph.D research in October 2011. The main purpose of my project is to track the fate of CO2 injected into deep geological formations using stable (C, O) and noble gas (He, Ne, Ar, Kr, Xe) isotopes. The key questions of my work are aiming to answer how well, and for how long, is CO2 stored in the sub-surface, and what processes control the sequestration? My initial research is based at a field site where natural CO2 is being pumped underground in order to enhance oil recovery.

In order to study the high pressure gases collected from the field site I have constructed a vacuum system that is capable of analysis of the major gases (CO2, CH4, N, Ar, etc) and stable isotopes. Purification of the gas allows determination of the abundance and isotope composition of the noble gases.

My research is funded by SUERC, Glasgow University and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

I am working under the main supervision of Prof. Fin Stuart (SUERC), and co-supervised by Prof. Susan Waldron (University of Glasgow) and Dr. Stuart Gilfillan (University of Edinburgh).

For more information please visit SUERC noble gas laboratories.

Career history:

Present: PhD Student, Isotope Geoscience, SUERC

Active research projects:

Not available

Recent publications:

Györe, D., Stuart, F.M., Gilfillan, S.M. and Waldron, S., 2015. Tracing injected CO 2 in the Cranfield enhanced oil recovery field (MS, USA) using He, Ne and Ar isotopes. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 42, pp.554-561.

Gilfillan, S., Haszedline, S., Stuart, F., Gyore, D., Kilgallon, R. and Wilkinson, M., 2014. The application of noble gases and carbon stable isotopes in tracing the fate, migration and storage of CO 2. Energy Procedia, 63, pp.4123-4133.