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Research interests:

Body-wave tomography, Geophysics, Physics, Data Analysis

Career history:

I studied Physics at the University of Manchester. I completed a master in Computer Science at University College London and I then proceeded to do a PhD in Geology at the University of Aberdeen.

Active research projects:

Seismic imaging of the south-east Asia-Australia collision zone

The aim of the project is to provide a new 3D model of the crust and upper mantle of SE Asia and Australia collision zone. We determine P and S wave velocity of the subsurface by using travel-time tomography. High-quality data are provided by frequent earthquakes in the region and inverted for source location, velocity and interface structure. An iterative non-linear inversion approach is followed with the aid of FMTOMO software package which uses Fast Marching Method to solve the forward problem. The 3D velocity variation for the crust is imported and the 1D starting model for upper mantle is “ak135”. This new model will provide useful information about the geometry and dynamics of the subduction zones for a better understanding of the generation of megathrust earthquakes and volcanism, and assessment of related hazard.

Recent publications: