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Research interests:

Landscape evolution
cosmogenic nuclides

Career history:

2018-2019 ICP-MS Laboratory manager at LSC (Spain)
2020- currently Research Associate at SUERC (UK)

Active research projects:

ScotIce: high precision dating of the Loch Lomond Stadial using cosmogenic 10Be
Scottish Gold dating: dating of detrital gold grains from rivers across Scotland using cosmogenic 3He

Recent publications:

Carracedo, A., Rodés, Á., Smellie, J.L. and Stuart, F.M., 2019. Episodic erosion in West Antarctica inferred from cosmogenic 3He and 10Be in olivine from Mount Hampton. Geomorphology, 327, pp.438-445.

Yakubovich, O.V., Stuart, F.M., Nesterenok, A.V. and Carracedo, A., 2019. Cosmogenic 3He in alluvial metal and alloy grains: Assessing the potential for quantifying sediment transport times. Chemical Geology, 517, pp.22-33.

Carracedo, A., Stuart, F.M., Di Nicola, L. and Faithfull, J.W., 2022. Space history of the High Possil and Strathmore meteorites from Ne and Ar isotopes. Scottish Journal of Geology, 58(1).