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Department / group: School of Geosciences
Personal URL: N/A
Google Scholar URL: N/A

Research interests:

My research interests focus on the identification of catchment processes, both on large scales (catchment scale and large) and small scales (plot scale). The identification of these processes uses hydrometric data and physical changes to the stable isotopes of water undergoing endothermic and exothermic processes. Specifically, my interests include:

Improvements to tracer-aided modelling for catchment scale process identification
Large-scale evapotranspiration and evapotranspiration partition estimation
Transit time and flow path identification at various spatial and temporal scales
Sub-surface interactions of vegetation and soil water

Career history:

Research Fellow: 2017-present
Northern Rivers Institute, School of Geosciences, University of Aberdeen
Aberdeen, Scotland

Active research projects:

Vegetation effects on water flow and mixing in high-latitude ecosystems

Recent publications:

Smith, A. A., Welch, C. & Stadnyk, T. A., 2016. Assessment of a lumped coupled flow-isotope model in data scarce Boreal catchments.
Smith, A. A., Delavau, C. J. & Stadnyk, T. A., 2015. Hydrologic Assessment of the Lower Nelson River Basin using Stable Water Isotope Investigations.