Dr John Howe, SAGES Graduate School Convenor, was delighted to announce the winners of the 2019 SAGES Best publication prizes at the Climate Challenges Conference in Edinburgh. Congratulations to:

Bartosz Kurjanski (Aberdeen) won the Theme 1 prize for his paper ‘Morphological evidence for marine ice stream shutdown, central Barents Sea’

Carla Casas (Abertay) won the Theme 2 prize for her paper ‘Dissolution Experiments on Dolerite Quarry Fines at Low Liquid to Solid Ratio: A Source of Calcium for Microbial-Induced Calcite Precipitation’

Alexis Moyer (Edinburgh) won the Theme 3 prize for her paper ‘Seasonal Variations in Iceberg Freshwater Flux in Sermilik Fjord, Southeast Greenland From Sentinel-2 Imagery’

Elena Sesana (UWS) won the Theme 4 prize for her paper ‘An integrated approach for assessing the vulnerability of World Heritage Sites to climate change impacts’