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Thanks to all members who entered the SAGES best published paper competition. We received our highest number of entries for each SAGES themes. The papers covered a wide range of topics and the winners were announced at last weeks Annual Science Meeting in Dundee.

Theme 1 – Daniel Peifer Bezerra (Glasgow) ‘Growing topography due to contrasting rock types in a tectonically dead landscape’

Theme 2 – Tom Ovenden (Stirling) ‘Life after recovery: Increased resolution of forest resilience assessment sheds new light on post-drought compensatory growth and recovery dynamics’

Theme 3 – Paul Tepes (Edinburgh) ‘Accelerating ice mass loss across Arctic Russia in response to atmospheric warming, sea ice decline, and Atlantification of the Eurasian Arctic shelf seas’

Theme 4 – Jonathan Morley (Edinburgh) ‘Potentially harmful World Bank projects are proximate to areas of biodiversity conservation importance’

CESD theme – Pilar Di Martino (Aberdeen) ‘Cow urine as a source of nutrients for microbial-induced calcite precipitation in sandy soil’

Congratulations to the successful submission who will all receive a prize of £100.