Dr John Howe, SAGES Graduate School Convenor is delighted to inform you that Geoverbund ABC/J offers two summer school places for students from the SAGES network. SAGES will fund two students to attend this course.

ParFlow is a parallel, integrated hydrology model that simulates spatially distributed surface and subsurface flow, as well as land surface processes including evapotranspiration and snow.

From July 20-24 2020 we are offering am Introductory and Advanced Short Course on ParFlow in Bonn and Julich. More details can be found at http://www.geoverbund.de/summerschool

This opportunity is open to all SAGES and SAGES associate PhD students and SAGES early career postdoctoral members.

To apply simply email a one page statement to Carol Thomson including:

  • brief details about yourself and your career to date
  • your present research project
  • how the ParFlow school will assist you in your current research project
  • what you might intend to develop in the future
  • a breakdown of your estimated travel and accommodation costs
  • Deadline for applications: 17:00 Friday 29 May 2020