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The LPCF funding stream is designed to provide support for SAGES members who are leading pan-SAGES, pan-institutional, large grant proposal submissions. We give an indicative definition of “large” as >= £1.2M total award value from any funding agency. This scheme is designed with all new and existing funding opportunities in mind: Scotland, UK, Europe and International.


The scheme can offer support in three distinct areas: namely, provision of:

  • Direct monetary support to the lead institution to pay for specific administrative support (in-house or contracted) in developing the logistics and technicalities of large bids. Up to £10k per bid. The fund cannot support researcher salary.
  • A ‘partner finding/matching’ service through the knowledge base and expertise at ECCI, depending on the precise nature of the funding call. This can include both partner matching within the SAGES network, and matching with stakeholders and their concerns/interests outside of SAGES.
  • A level of intellectual/strategic oversight from SAGES Director and/or a more suitable member of the SAGES Executive or Research & Innovation Committees. This mode of support will depend on the nature of the call and the Director role would be to try to identify relevant expertise within SAGES.

Proposals must include two or more SAGES partners, and any number of non-SAGES partners.

This is an open call with no application deadline.


All applications will be reviewed by the Research & Innovation Committee (RICom).
Applications will be reviewed within 3 weeks of receipt.
Successful bids must invoice and receive payment from SAGES at University of Glasgow by 31/7/22


Application for SAGES Large Proposal Challenge Fund (LPCF)

Applicants should complete each section of the application as fully as possible.
  • Include postcode
  • Include STD code
  • Please name the funding organisation and the specific funding call.
  • To include the main objective, relevance to SAGES (including profile raising), and any intended outputs or deliverables. Maximum 1000 words
  • Must include at least one further SAGES partner institution.
  • Both dates if this is a two stage process.
  • a) SAGES (this request to LPPS)b) Other than SAGES (additional monetary support for proposal preparation)'In kind' support
    this should include the costs of work/activity which will be funded by; a) SAGES b) Bodies other than SAGES c) 'In kind' contributions
  • Max. file size: 50 MB.
    Please attach any additional information you wish to be considered.