SAGES receives SFC funding to support members proposals to secure European funding (PEER) and to support post-doc and early career researcher exchanges with Europe, North America, China and India (PECRE).

The 7th call for applications opened on 20 June 2019. THIS CALL IS NOW CLOSED

Please refer to the SAGES Plan PEER and PECRE 2019 document for further details on this call.

To apply for funding please complete and submit the following online application form.

PEER funding is an open call with no application deadline. THIS CALL IS NOW CLOSED

PECRE funding has an application deadline of 17:00 Friday 20 September 2019. THIS CALL IS NOW CLOSED

The main purpose of funding is to provide research training and development opportunities for early career researchers (ECRs). Early stage PhD students are less likely to suit this award. Any PhD applicant must demonstrate that the training or development is an additional, rather than essential part of their PhD programme, and based on their earlier progress.
Further to maximise the impact of the scheme applicants are encouraged to apply for partial funding from other sources, although this is not a requirement.