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SAGES statement on Brexit

Membership of the EU has had a profound effect on UK Environmental policy and research, both through single market and environmental regulation, and policies in areas such as agriculture, climate change, energy and fisheries. While the UK is a net contributor to the...

SAGES New Members

SAGES is pleased to welcome the following new members; Dr Juan Alcalde, PDRA, University of Aberdeen. He has joined Theme 1. Professor David Jolley, Chair in Geology, University of Aberdeen. He has joined Themes 1 & 3. Dr Heather Morgan, PDRA, University of...

New Graduate School Convenor

SAGES is pleased to announce that Dr John Howe (SAMS) will be the new Graduate School Conveno . r. John will take over from Professor Bill Austin from 1st June 2016 and has a bold vision for raising the profile of the school and broadening access and training