The SAGES Small Grants Scheme (SSGS) has the capacity to allocate small amounts of funding to support requests from SAGES members to raise the visibility of SAGES members research and/or facilitate SAGES community building. Examples of areas for which funds may be provided include: travel/conference expenses, equipment for purchase/hire, sample analyses, access to data and ad hoc assistance, requests to host workshops, networking events, provision of access to knowledge/techniques. Other request will be considered, but should be discussed in advance with a member of the SAGES Research and Innovation Committee (RICOM).

1st call for applications 23 August 2016. Application deadline 11 October 2016.
2nd call for applications 26 April 2017. Application deadline 26 May 2017.

To apply for funds from the 2nd call please complete and submit the online application form below by the stated deadline date.

Application to the SAGES Small Grants Scheme - 2nd call

Applicants should complete each section of the application as fully as possible. 2nd call deadline: 17:00 Friday 26 May 2017
  • Include postcode
  • Include STD code
  • To include the main objective, relevance to SAGES (including profile raising), and any intended outputs or deliverables. Maximum 1000 words
  • If you are applying to host a workshop please include the following information;
  • a) SAGES (this request to SSGS)b) Other than SAGES (additional monetary support)'In kind' support 
    this should include the costs of work/activity which will be funded by; a) SAGES b) Bodies other than SAGES c) 'In kind' contributions