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SAGES pools world-leading expertise in geoscience and environmental science from across Scotland’s research base, creating an multi-disciplinary alliance at the forefront of earth and environmental research. We are a partnership between the Universities of Aberdeen, Abertay, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, St Andrews, Stirling, SAMS UHI, SUERC, and the West of Scotland. To find out more about SAGES download our Executive summary.

Latest SAGES News and Events

SAGES New Member

SAGES is pleased to welcome the following new member; Dr Ian Lawson, Lecturer, University of St Andrews. He has joined Themes 1 & CESD.

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SAGES statement on Brexit

Membership of the EU has had a profound effect on UK Environmental policy and research, both through single market and environmental regulation, and policies in areas such as agriculture, climate change, energy and fisheries. While the UK is a net contributor to the...

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SAGES Annual Meeting 2016

The SAGES Annual Science Meeting took place from August 22-23rd at SAMS, Oban. Find out more about how the meeting went and what to expect coming up over the next few months.

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